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The most urgent question for every leader is this: 'What kind of city do you want to be living in 10 years from now - and what will you do now to set that in motion?' - Mal Fletcher | Chairman 2020Plus

The 20.2020 Project

Churches helping to bring positive change to their Cities by 2020 - through relationships of trust with leading civic, business and community figures.


2020Plus, in association with Next Wave International, will work with strategic churches in key European cities, to help them initiate positive social change by 2020. We will provide these churches and their leaders with a catalyst for building relationships of trust with major civic leaders – in business, government, education, healthcare, media etc.

If you are invited as a host for a 20.2020 Project in your city, it is because you are:

  • Strategically placed, in a city that has a great future!
  • Community focused, with a passion to serve the wider community.
  • Well resourced, with a passion for excellence.
  • Positively engaged with providing leadership for your city.
  • Proactively wired, with a future-friendly attitude to your city!

To follow up on the invitation to participate, please email: mycity@2020plus.net or phone: (UK) 0870-766-2660 / (Outside UK) +44-870-766-2660 or +44-115-827-7098.