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The most urgent question for every leader is this: 'What kind of city do you want to be living in 10 years from now - and what will you do now to set that in motion?' - Mal Fletcher | Chairman 2020Plus

2020Plus Civic Project

  • Fact: Cities and cultures don't change only from the bottom up - they change from the top down.
  • Fact: Most leaders at the top of civic local and regional government, business, education, media etc. remain largely unaware of the full potential contribution of churches - not just for the city, but for them and the enterprises they lead.
  • Fact: The church can make a unique contribution in promoting the common good within the city; supporting business, government, education, jobs training and more – at a high level.
  • Fact: Part of the church’s mandate is to be "a city on a hill" which cannot be hidden (Matt. 5:14) - i.e. a model of what the city might be if people lived by the values Jesus taught.
  • Fact: Bringing about positive social change for the people the church is trying to attract, requires that leaders build alliances at the highest level within the civic environment. Decisions about better education, healthcare, employment retraining, unemployment support and more are not made in churches, but in houses of government, businesses and so on.
  • Fact: By adding value to the work of civic leaders, the 2020Plus Project is a catalyst for such mutually beneficial relationships.

2020Plus Project Aims

Church Leadership in the City:

  • To provide resourceful churches with a strategic platform for civic influence, in business, government, education, local services, media and more.
  • 2020Plus events and the programme surrounding them provide the catalyst for a shift in how the church is seen at the highest levels in the community.

Civic Leadership:

  • To help civic leaders, in government, business, education, local services, media and more, to proactively engage the major opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, strategically shaping a better future for the community.
  • 2020Plus events add value to their leadership, providing a valuable and unique service, to people charged with great responsibility.
  • 2020Plus events also provide a unique networking forum - unique because it brings together people from many sectors at once.

2020Plus Project Strategy

The strategy will be tuned to suit the needs of each city and church host. However, the core strategy will involve:

Strategic Planning Sessions:

Private session(s) outlining the strategic goals for the project in the city and formulating the overall strategic plan for reaching those goals, with emphasis on sound project planning.

2 x Training Webinars:

The provision of two webinars with Mal Fletcher, providing in-depth, practical training for the host team in such issues as:
  • Impact in the Press/Media
  • Winning Trust in the Civic Space

Church Service in Host Church:

Where desirable/possible, Mal Fletcher speaking to the host church in a Sunday service, promoting the philosophy/theology behind the project and helping the leadership to shape the cultural DNA for ongoing marketplace mission.

Church Leaders’ Event(s):

Session or sessions with the extended leadership team of the host team plus, where possible, other churches who work in relationship across the city. Providing a platform for ongoing influence and educating pastors and leaders re. the opportunities for marketplace mission. Extending the influence of the host church within the church community.

2 x 2020Plus Leadership Events:

The 2020Plus Leadership Events for high-level civic leaders and teams provides the focal point for the project. Each of the two events takes place midweek, normally on Thursday, over an entire morning, with two sessions focused on likely future change facing the city and how leaders can get ahead of the change curve. Each event is hosted by the host church leader and presented as a world-class package, with a total commitment to adding value to civic leaders. The sessions are presented by social futurist and leadership innovation expert Mal Fletcher. The second 2020Plus Leadership Event should be scheduled for no more than one year after the first, to build further on relationships formed and expand the circle of networking for the host.

Media & Press Interviews:

The creation of a deliberate and strategic presence in the city’s media and press, through phone and live interviews featuring Mal Fletcher as a social futurist, innovation leader and social commentator. Through discussion of issues of topical importance to the city, these interviews provide the platform for promoting the 2020Plus Leadership Events while adding real value to people’s lives. The building of ongoing positive relationships with media and press for the host church is a core strategic aim of the 2020Plus Project.


Discussion with the host church re. specific benefits resulting from each 2020Plus Leadership Event and the 2020Plus Project overall. Offering insight and advice about how the church’s platform of influence can be extended further in future.

Please contact us for testimonials from hosts in other cities. 

To follow up on the invitation to participate, please email: mycity@2020plus.net or phone: (UK) 0870-766-2660 / (Outside UK) +44-870-766-2660 or +44-115-827-7098.